Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Gift

I recently did a portrait of my friend's brother. She wanted it to honour his memory and give it as a gift to her dad. I felt privileged to do the illustration for her. I got sick during the week I was to draw it and wondered if I'd get it done in time, but at the last minute I knuckled down, put a solid three and a half hours into it and had the finished product by midnight.

Drawing a person who has moved on was a unique experience for me. I talked to the photo like he was present and got a real sense of his character, a cheeky, loving guy. He was beautiful to draw, lovely lips, nice eyes. I felt a little hesitant at first you know, I was worried I wouldn't be able to do him justice, but he turned out all right. Once I got started it just flowed.

My friend came and picked it up this morning. When she saw the picture she creed. What an honour. It's moments like these that I am so grateful I have an ability to create things like this for others. I asked her a few questions about him, gathering the impressions I had of him as I was drawing him and I was right, he was cheeky and lovable. She spoke to me about him, kind of grieved a little, I guess touched by the artistic impression and I guess my approach to it. This is why I love being able to do this. Seeing the person you are doing it for reaction, the way their eyes light up or fill with tears. I was grateful she gave me the opportunity to honour his memory too and trust me with something so sacred to her.

It's funny how little doubts gnaw at your head but if you just do it, it's amazing what you can do! I am inspired to continue with my art, and work hard, so I am gathering a group of kids together for art lessons, working on my portfolios and designing a business card. So I think this blog will shift instead to a journal of art instead of a journal of all my short comings. Through this talent, I'll find my self acceptance anyway and connect with others along the way.

Pete (Passed away in September 2011)


  1. Hhehe thanks for the comment Steph! It was such an honour to sketch him.

  2. You do have such a unique gift Jana. Get busy with those business cards - I will grab one of them!

  3. This is freaking AMAZING! You have been blessed with a rare talent... to capture him like that... with such detail... I am truly blown away... and to be so humble is also a rare gift! I LOVE your new blog idea... your journey with your ART! I wish you all the best... and look forward to reading about all the happiness this brings you (and the recipients of your art)... Merry Merry Merry