Thursday, September 6, 2012

The People that We Meet

I met Margaret on the way home to Sydney. She is an art lover and instantly we delved into discussions on art and the "art" they exhibit these days too. She is studying counselling, volunteers teaching English to Indonesian women and has a strong faith in women and our powerful influence and abilities. She also believes women are too isolated and alone these days. She is very focused on bringing the community together.

I told her about my vision, my concerns, and she gave me some great ideas. Volunteering to work with women who have PND was one of them and using art as a form of relaxation therapy for them was another. She sent me an email suggesting ways to get started. I'm excited for her advice. She also handed me her business card and told me to contact her when I have an art exhibition.

Sometimes, it's strange how a complete stranger becomes the little push or the guiding hand needed. Now we are friends, it only took an hour and a half.

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